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LEPL LT-101 Hair Trimmer For Men

LEPL LT-101 Hair Trimmer For Men

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LEPL LT-101 Hair Trimmer

The LEPL-101 hair trimmer for men is perfect for precise styling and trimming. Its 1mm to 10mm stubble guide combs, U-type Stainless Steel blade, and 20 adjustable length settings let you master any look effortlessly. It is also rechargeable, with a Massive Li-ion 600mAh Battery providing 120 minutes of cordless use on a full charge. Trimmer takes only 2 hours for full charge. Various additional features, such as overcharge protection and a cleaning brush, make it a great choice for both novices and experienced groomers. The LEPL Mode 101 also comes with battery indicator light to indicate discharge status and fully charge status. 

Maintenance And Care Guidelines

For longevity and long term better performance there are few points to keep in mind after every use of this LEPL-101 men's hair trimmer. Below are the few do's and don't for better and proper care of this hair trimmer.


  • Always Clean Trimmer After Every Single Use.
  • Keep The Trimmer Free From Dirt.
  • Keep Always Away From Hot Spot.
  • Use Hook Feature For Better Safety.
  • If Trimmer Not Working, Contact Our Customer Support Team.


  • Trimmer Head Is Removal So Don't Put Trimmer Under The Water.
  • Avoid To Use In Essential Body Parts Or Private Parts. 
  • Don't Leave Your Trimmer Plugin In The Bathroom.
  • Don't Use And Repair If Trimmer Not Working(Brake Warranty Claim Policy).
  • This Trimmer Is Not For Under The 8 Years Children,
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Customer Reviews

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The precision blades effortlessly glide through hair, delivering a smooth and even trim every time.


This trimmer is literally good.

umar rathore

The comfortable grip makes it easy to handle, and the lightweight construction adds to its user-friendly design.


Good Product