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LEPL LT-106 Hair Trimmer For Men

LEPL LT-106 Hair Trimmer For Men

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LEPL LT-106 Hair Trimmer

The LEPL-106 Hair Trimmer for Men is an ideal choice for precise grooming. Its detachable premium stainless steel T-Type blade head boasts slide On/Off switch and a DC3.7V powerful motor with USB Type-C fast charging support. The rechargeable 600mAh battery takes 2 hours for full charge and offers 120 minutes of cordless use. This trimmer also has a special feature like over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage and over-current protection. The kit also comes with 4 hair cutting guide combs for more efficient and stylish beard and har styles. Trimmer indicator light indicate battery charge and discharge status and also comes with cleaning brush and lubricant oil bottle for more easy to clean and sharpness of the trimmer blade.

Care And Maintenance Guidelines

There are few points you have to always keep in mind for more efficient and longer life the hair trimmer. We provide some do's and don'ts tips for proper care and maintenance guidelines mentioned below.


  • Clean The Trimmer With Dryer Clothes 
  • keep Trimmer Away From Dirt.
  • Always keep Trimmer Away From Hot Spot.
  • Reach Customer Support Team If Trimmer Not Working.
  • Always Clean And Lubricant Trimmer After Every Use. 


  • Don't Deep Trimmer Under The running Water
  • If Trimmer Not Working Don't Repair Trimmer By Your Self.
  • Don't Left Trimmer In Bathroom With Plug In.
  • Don't Use Solvent And Detergent For Cleaning The Trimmer.
  • Don't Give Children For Playing Or Using.
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Customer Reviews

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Nice one 😘😘😘

umar rathore

The compact size makes it convenient for both at-home and on-the-go grooming.



The LT-106 boasts a sleek and ergonomic design that sits comfortably in the hand.

ujwal rajput

Good trimmer 💕💕💕


Good Product